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Key Solution Venture Our Edge

Regulatory Expertise

Extensive AML compliance expertise and experience in dealing with global financial regulators (HKMA, SFC, MAS, etc.) as licensee means dedication and professionalism towards compliance.


Bank-class operation team with robust internal processes provides around-the-clock support for client onboarding, payment processing, customer support and more.


Extensive experience with bank-grade technology (core banking and high frequency trading platform) to bleeding-edge mobile and blockchain technology helps our clients stay at the top-of-the-game.

Client Base

Our existing global client base have used and trusted our brand over the years.

Key Solution Credit Cards

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Consumer Credit Card

Corporate Credit Card

No Income Proof

Don’t worry about your annual income level. Students and freelancers can apply with ease, save time without the need to find, submit and process income and address document proof.


With worldwide recognition, your prepaid card is borderless. no matter where you are based, you can do your shopping in online or in store, use your prepaid card all the same. spend at over 42 million points of acceptance online and offline, in almost 200 countries – perfect for the world traveller. load, spend, withdraw all over the world

Smart and Safe

Spend only the amount you have pre-loaded. No matter you’re going on a night out or a whirlwind tour, a simple card will be much safer choice than a wad of cash. We adhering to the highest security standards in the industry.

Key Solution Benefits

VIP Customer Service

Didn’t find what you were looking for or need help reporting a lost card? Don’t panic! Dedicated support team will be available to resolve your issues. We’re only a phone call away.

Contactless Technology

Simply wave your card at a secured reader and your transaction is done. whenever you spend, local or abroad.

Do everything on Your Phone

Cardholder can stay update on their spending activity, forex rate and everything they need to know on one easy-to-use companion app.

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